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March 7, 2007

Jars of Clay concert

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How about this for God’s blessings: one simple phone call on Friday to Greeley’s Union Colony Civic Center netted 15 front row tickets at $19 each for the renowned Chrisitan band, Jars of Clay. Those tickets were snapped up by students within the next day, and Wednesday night we all walked downtown to see the show. Jars of Clay is most famous for being one of the first Christian bands to cross over to mainstream radio back in 1995 with their song “Flood”.

The highlight of the evening occurred when lead singer, Dan Haseltine, talked in between songs about our love of comfort in this country. The band had been to sub-Saharan Africa to see first-hand the ravages of HIV and AIDS in Africa. During that time they decided they had to live their lives never forgetting that 90% of the world lives below the worst poverty in this country. Most of the audience consisted of college students, and Dan asked them the question, “are you getting an education so that you can wall yourself off from the problems outside your neighborhood, or are you going to use it to enter into the suffering of the world and make a difference someday?” What a challenge for the students! He then introduced an organization called blood:water mission. The group was traveling with the band, raising funds to help build 1,000 wells for 1,000 African villages. While AIDS might be the problem, just having fresh water is the solution to even starting to treat it.

Jars of Clay, Wendesday, March 7, 2007


December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas and welcome to the blog!

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Hello friends, fans, and especially those of you who support my mission with FOCUS. Merry Christmas to you all and the blessings of the Lord!

By now, many of you have received newsletters and Christmas cards, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed looking through them. There is much more to come next semester as the mission continues to expand. Please keep up your prayers for me as I feel their effects on a daily basis.

I’ll keep this first post short and close now with an invitation to call me. I’m in Beaumont, TX until January 7 when I return to Greeley and the students at UNC. Also, there might be a cameo surprise in Fort Worth at a certain new year’s party at the House of Bengford.

So long for now!

Hanging out with students at the December Taco Club meeting

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